Our Story

Back Ground: I began working with clay in high school and immediately fell in love with the making of ceramic pieces. I gained some excellent experience with different methods of working with clay through many courses in high school and into college. I originally wanted to major in studio art with an emphasis in ceramics but ended up switching to geography. I then dropped out after a few years to be a stay at home mom. This transition put my love for ceramics on hold for a little over a decade. I began taking open studio type classes at the beginning of 2022 which ignited my passion for ceramics once again and pushed me to begin throwing again at home. In March of 2023 I sat down to throw a plate and set it on the table to dry. My cute, but often ornery Maine Coon named Coconut decided he needed to leave his mark on my plate. This happy mistake became the inspiration for the name of my studio and Cocos Beans Studio was born. 

Today: I am now launching a career by sharing my love for ceramics with a broader customer base through the development of this very website. It is my hope that my customers will be able to see my love and passion for producing beautiful and often functional pieces of art, as each piece is unique in it's own right. Come see my work in person by either contacting me to arrange a time to visit my home studio, or you can find me occasionally at the Farmer's and Craft Market of Las Cruces located on Main Street, Downtown. My booth will be towards the North end near the Art and Science Museums and Organ Mountain Outfitters. Hope to see you soon!

- Amber Ransom (Artist/Owner of Cocos Beans Studio)